Indian  wedding   by the shores of Lake Como

The  beautiful  ceremony  was  celebrated  on the  grass   by  the  lake for  and  outdoor  celebration ;  at  the  beginning  of  the  aisle a nice  flower  arch  welcome  the  wedding  couple. Flowers  and  color always  in  coordinate  with  the  ceremonial  mandap.

The  couple crossed the arch accompanied by dances and the sound of joyful drums played to celebrate their union.

Spectacular celebration started   with  moment  of  joyful  and  emotion.

 Gorgeous floral mandap  arranged  with  joyfully   color  of  flowers  and  fabrics.

A  beautiful Squared shape mandap design with flowers look stunning and dreamy. For  this  mandap  we  used big flowers like  hydrangea  and  big  roses  and  it  was embellishedwith  beautiful  purple  phalenopsis  orchids .

 Bride  and   groom  dressed   beautiful  ritual Flower necklaces.

 Our  experience  in Indian  weddings:

We will work for your vibrant and amazing event to create a truly memorable and lasting impression for you and your guests.

Our floral  team is always thrilled to have the opportunity of designing a bespoke mandap for each of our couples.

 A  special  thank to  Romeo  and Juliet wedding planner ,  Creative  Lake  Service  photos, Villa Monastero Pax location, Class Eventi Cater,  Blunotte Eventi Music .